How to build a 1W transmitter Tetsuo style

Step two : make the circuit board

Estimated time for step two : 10-15 minutes
You will need the following:
Solder Iron
Wire Cutters
Copper Board
Sharp Knife and steel ruler

So since we assume you haven't done any electronics then first of all plug in the soldering iron!! :-) You will need to wait a while for it to heat up. Once this is done we will move to making the circuit board in these simple steps:

A) Cut a strip 5mm wide from the length of the copper board using the sharp knife and the ruler (use the ruler to cut straight).You should end up with one slightly thiner main copper board and a strip of copper that is 5mm wide and (if you have a copper board the same dimensions as we recommend) 10cm long.

B) Cut this long strip into 15 pieces of aproximately the same size. We used the wire cutters to do this[x].

You should end up with a pile of bits that looks like this[x].

C) Glue the small copper squares to the copper board. Make sure if you have a single sided copper board that the copper side of the small squares faces upwards. Glue the squares in this formation:

Make sure that the long line of squares is in a line just below the middle of the copper board. You may wish to mark these out before you glue them. When you have finsihed it should look like this[x]. In fact it should look better than that but we were a bit sloppy.

Then proceed to STEP THREE.